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Wow, best night of my life

Just won first place in Open class, premier night…. I’m still in shock.

How much better can this get?

Oh and not to mention we dont even have our floor, costumes, or end of show yet. 

I think I’m going to have a very good 4 months. =)

"This is mother nature’s fury at her worst." 

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I love my friends

So my friends and I realized that our middle names spell out GLAM. And we now call ourselves that. We are like the group from mean girls, except without the meanness. We have our coordinating days.

So yeah =) I love my friends 

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The song that represents my life

Gravity by Sarah Bareilles

Every Single Line of That Song


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Sweet 16 Partys

So my 16th birthday is in a couple of months, and I want to decide now what to do because if I do decide to have a big party, then I need to start planning now. 

So I’m being brain dead and just googled “16th party ideas” and try out the websites. That is probably the worst thing you could do. It said “If so, why not base your sweet 16 party themes on your favorite activities!” (I literally just copied and pasted that) They are referring to cheerleading, band, drama, or any other sport activity. That is such a little kid thing! It’s their SIXTEENTH birthday! Not sixth! 

And then other sites suggest things like 

~Slumber Party

~Salon Party

~Outdoor Party

Okay, so this doesn’t apply to the last one, but again, they’re SIXTEEN! Do they think that they’re not going to want to invite boys?!

And no one wants to go outside for their party. That’s just sweaty and gross and honestly even if the birthday girl is into it, a lot of the other people won’t be. And you want them to have a good time, don’t you?

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My stocking on the left, compared to my dog’s, on the right. Who do you think is more loved in my family?

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Look at yourself, if you don’t feel like you can do anything, then why are you wearing that?
your’s truly!
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What I’m into:

So I’m just getting everything started. And I thought I should begin with what I like and what my life is centered around. (considering that’s what I’ll mainly be posting about)

Like most people, I love to read. Non-fiction (I like the more imaginative part to it). And after I first read a book, I get OBSESSED with it. Like can’t stop looking up things about it, making playlist that are 1) good to listen while reading it 2) would be good in a movie of it or 3) describe it. (2 and 3 are similar, but can be very different). I know that I really like a book when I’m still thinking about it later, after reading more books. And it’s a good thing a lot of books nowadays are series, because let me tell you, if they didn’t, I would be starving for more and more books. And after I read a book, I will make a review on it, and if I’m really into it, maybe post some things related to it like a playlist, or whatever I have time for and feel like doing. 

Movies!!! Okay, so for movies, it’s generally the same thing with books. I’ll write reviews (even if they’re old movies) and that’ll probably be it. There’s not much more you can do. And I probably wouldn’t want to do anything anyway.

I’ll probably randomly post things about my personal life from time to time. Just because I’m not a believer of posting all of your personal emotions on facebook, and it is nice to get it out somewhere. Who knows, maybe you guys can help me when I’m having hard situations to deal with. Just from an outsiders view point. I would also love it if you guys asked me questions! I might not be able to help with every one, but another opinion always helps.

I am very much into colorguard. You know, the flag girls who also have riffles and swords (which are actually called sabers) and they toss them in the air. Yeah, that’s me. It looks lame, but you have no idea the world you discover when you do it. I like to think of it as a pretty sport. You work out, preform, and dress up. Its like combining a normal sport, with drama, and then add in some dance and mix it all together and you get guard!!! So you might hear me talk about that from time to time. I can’t share secret information, or talk bad (but why would I?!?!) but I can give myself a pat on the back if we do well at a recent competition, or ask you to wish us luck. It’s what I spend all of my time doing, so I ask you to respect that.

I’ll also just be posting about thing that I’m up to, news, opinions, pictures, yady yady yadda. The normal stuff. 

So I hope you stick around and follow me! 

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